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PTO Backhoe
  • PTO Backhoe

    The PTO Backhoe is your go-to solution for effortless excavation and earth-moving tasks. This high-performance backhoe attachment is designed to connect seamlessly to your tractor's power take-off (PTO), transforming it into a powerful digging machine.

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      Matched Powder (HP)

      16~35 HP

      Max Digging Deep (mm)

      1850 mm

      Digging Depth Flat Bottom (mm)

      1600 mm

      Max Digging Height (mm)

      2500 mm

      Max Unloading Height (mm)

      1400 mm

      Dumping Height (mm)

      1733 mm

      Max Digging Radius (mm)

      2800 mm

      Bucket Digging Force (kg)

      1300 kg

      Shovel Stick Digging Force (kg)

      790 kg

      Bucket Rofation (°)


      Swing Angle (°)


      Operating Pressure (Mpa)

      16 Mpa

      Bucket Width (mm)

      300 mm

      Bucket Volume(M3)

      0.03 M3


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