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About Philbert Machinery


Our Story

Prior to Philbert Machinery's inception, the founders were involved in sales and maintenance for farming equipment and machinery. Our team has engineering background and understand the product design and functionality.

Philbert Machinery sells a range of compact Kubota tractors with front-end loader with a 4-in-1 bucket as standard. 


We have an extensive range of tractor implements for almost every job around your farm.

Our customer always come first 

As a business our strength is our commitment to understanding customer needs.

As many of our customers are new to farming, our team, who have extensive farming backgrounds, provides genuine advice on the best tractor and tractor implements to fit your needs. We take into consideration: the size of your farm, the tasks you wish to perform and your budget.


We can deliver the tractor to your farm and provide instructions on how you can use it safely, as well as maintenance and operation of your tractor. Your tractor has a comprehensive, warranty and we also have spare parts available. 

Our customers regularly contact us to purchase specialised tractor implements such as Slashers, and Rotary Hoes. Our customers return because they know that we deliver what we promise.

After your purchase we will continue to support  you by providing our ongoing, quality customer support. Whether it is a warranty issue, a repair or a routine service request, we will respond and communicate with you in a timely manner, in order to resolve your request promptly.

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