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Grader Blade With Ripper
  • Grader Blade With Ripper

    Whether you are grading a road, levelling soil, or clearing paths, these grader blades are heavy duty and reliable for a long life. Rotate the ripper grader blade 180 degrees and you now have a multi- tine ripper for loosening topsoil for easier grading.

    • Replaceable high-carbon steel edge

      Tilt and offset functions

      Removable rippers for breaking up ground.

      360-degree adjustment on the blade

      Support leg for easy storage.

    • Model No.


      Number of Rippers


      Working Width


      Recommended Tractor HP

      20hp to 40hp

      3PT Hitch

      Cat I / 2

      Swing angle

      360 degrees

      Approx. weight

      165 kgs

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